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pesticides or poisons.

Since 1996

Since 1996...

Creature Catcher's approach calls for humane and non-toxic solutions for both animals and man alike by ridding your home or business of all wildlife problems in a timely fashion with a result that will guarantee effectiveness.

We have the expertise and experience to solve diverse problems such as bats in your eves, skunks under decks, squirrels and raccoons in chimneys, attics or sub-areas, and putting an end to your uninvited wildlife guests.

We accomplish this by educating you, the customer, and restricting the access of wild animals by trapping the creatures after excluding/screening all possible entrances. We eliminate future disturbances and ensure the safety of your property and you.

Creature Catchers has been in business since 1996.

Steve Andert, owner and operator lives in Cool, CA

License and Insurance

California State Trapping License #7781
Insured by Lloyds of London

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